6300 Watts Inverter

2 Years Warranty


Model Code: EF6300iSDE

Engine Type: OHV, Single Cylinder, 357cc

Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.5 Gallons

Fuel Type: Unleaded Regular

Cooling Type: Air Cooled

Max. AC Output: 6300 Watts

Rated AC Output 5500 Watts

Rated AC Current / Max AC Current: 45.8 amps /52.5 amps @ 120V | 22.9 amps / 26.3 amps @240V

Noise Level 1/4 Load/Full Load: 58 dBA / 64 dBA

Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load: 13.3 Hrs.


Lenght: 30.7"

Width: 124.3"

Height: 27.2"

Dry Weight: 200 lbs

  • The EF6300iSDE cranks out up to 6300 watts of pure sine wave inverter.
  • With sophisticated capabilities like dual 120-volt and 240- volt power, you can run almost any type of equipment with total confidence. From high-demand equipment such as well pumps, compressors and RV air conditioners to sensitive electronics like plasma TVs, satellite receivers and computers.
  • With its electric starting capability, the automatic choke makes for easy starting. The EF6300iSDE is ideal for outdoor recreation and power outage emergencies.
  • Excellent fuel efficiency means a run time of 13.3 hours at a constant 1/4 load on just a single tank of gas.
  • The EF6300iSDE features Noise Block sound reduction system which makes it a very quiet generator for its output; 58-64 decibels.
  • Yamaha’s Oil Watch Warning System helps prevent engine damage from low oil and provides added peace of mind.